Happy Birthday Grant!
March 16, 2016
Homemade Granola
April 14, 2016

March 2016 in Review

If I had to choose 1 word to describe March, it would be “birthday!” So. Many. March. Birthdays. We celebrated adorable baby Annie,┬ámy dad, sweet friend Carli, Grant, and snail-mailed birthday wishes to a bunch of other people. I love showing others my love and birthdays are a perfect way to do so!

We also announced we’re moving to Minneapolis, hosted my parents for a fun-filled Easter weekend, and made TONS of sprinkle-filled sweets!

Annie’s party was so much fun and I loved making the funfetti pretzel packs!


Margarita swirls at Americano
Celebrating a friends’ wedding in Houston!

Celebrating a friends' wedding in Houston!

Homemade honey oat bread
Cake batter cookies

Happy Birthday, Grant!

Happy Birthday Grant!

Birthday decorations

Grant’s surprise birthday party!

Grant's surprise birthday party!

Birthday boy

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Exploring Nashville
Honky Tonkin’ at Tootsie’s!

Honky Tonkin at Tootsie's

Let’s do this, April!


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