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March 2, 2016
Happy Birthday Dad!
March 11, 2016

We’re Moving!

Yes, it’s true! We are leaving our beloved southern city for the frozen northern tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Get it? Mini-apple-ous, Mini-soda! It was not an easy decision as our life is here – our friends who are like family, our favorite neighborhood spots, our routine, and our hearts. It’s the city where we fell in love, got married, and started our life together. I don’t know “us” without this city. Nashville will always have a piece of my heart and I can’t wait to visit often!

All of that said… I am SO proud of Grant and all he has and will continue to accomplish! This opportunity doesn’t come around often and it’s really wonderful that his hard work and dedication are being recognized and celebrated.

While it will be a difficult move in terms of packing up and moving our life to Minnesota, I’m also really excited to explore our new city together! Am I scared? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Hopeful for friends? YES (I don’t know ANYONE) Excited? Absolutely. I’m always up for an adventure so I’m strapping on the seatbelt and getting ready for this crazy ride!

Details? Grant moves up on March 20 and I will follow on May 3 (I had to move with a 3 in the date…)! Time to fill up the calendar with all of our favorite things, people, and places before the move! My last day at redpepper is tomorrow, and I’ll be joining one of my favorite companies next week… I can’t tell you all of our news in one post, can I?! Stay tuned for even more details!


PS: All photos thanks to Meredith Teasley!

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