Year ONE
May 16, 2016
Happy Father’s Day!
June 19, 2016

May 2016 in Review

What. A. Month! As always, it flew by and was a BIG month… for good reason!

A few highlights:

I started the month living in Nashville… and on May 3 made the 13 hour, 900 mile drive to Minnesota. After 2 days of packing and dealing with movers, I joined G in corporate housing downtown St. Paul and we had a fun filled week together exploring our new city and making happy memories.

Our stuff came EARLY (!!) and we were able to have everything unloaded off the truck and in our apartment before my parents arrived to spend the weekend. There was absolutely no room to really move or really do anything… and I think all of us thought we’d never make it all fit. But we did, with room to spare! We spent four days, 40 hours, and lots of late nights organizing, labeling, installing, and making our new place feel like home. Shout out to my mom’s incredible organizational skills and ability to repurpose just about anything, my dad’s handiness and willingness to dive right in and install shelves, hang art and photos, and run for food, and to G for providing endless encouragement and support through this entire process.

I started work on May 9 – I love working downtown Minneapolis and actually like taking the train to work everyday. It means lots of time for reading and thinking!

We celebrated our first anniversary in northern Minnesota at Larsmont Cottages. It was the perfect place to unplug, relax, and enjoy lots of togetherness. We drank lots of bubbly, played backgammon by the fire, had s’mores and smelled like bonfire, and listened to the waves crashing on the shore. To say the past year has been a whirlwind is an understatement, so this is just what we needed!

In between work and unpacking and making our new home actually feel like home, we’ve done lots of exploring and adventuring – we love being outside, enjoying this gorgeous weather, and beauty that seems to be everywhere around us.

Lake Harriet

Lake Harriet

Downtown Minneapolis view from our apartment

Downtown Minneapolis view from our apartment

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Wisconsin celebrating my cousin’s high school graduation – loved spending time with family. It was a much needed break from MN – as wonderful as it is to have this new adventure, it has been much more difficult than I ever thought. I really miss Nashville and our people.

My aunt Cathy makes the BEST homemade pies. This was cherry and absolutely DELISH!

My aunt Cathy makes the BEST homemade pies. This was cherry and absolutely DELISH!

Lastly, we paid off ALL of my student loans! We feel grateful that my graduate school loans were all we had to pay off, however, $50k hanging over our heads was just becoming too much. So, nose to the grind, lots of saving, sacrifice, and dedication made it possible to be completely debt free in about 18 months. CUE THE CONFETTI!

Cheers to being debt free! Cheers to being debt free!

Reflecting on this month has shown me how much I have grown up and learned in just 31 days. Moving is hard. Relationships are hard. Major life changes thrown in the mix are hard. But our one constant has been each other and our commitment to living a life full of love and adventure, sprinkled with grace and joy.

Bring it on, June!

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