The Schaefer’s in MN!

June 2016 in Review
July 5, 2016
July 2016 in Review
August 1, 2016

The Schaefer’s in MN!

Three (!!) weekends ago, my parents came to visit our new home! Last time they were here, we spent our time unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and hanging about a million things. This time, we were on a mission to explore the city and relax… and not unpack a single box!

We kicked off their visit with drinks downtown Minneapolis with some friends who just so happened to be in the city for college visits. It’s always wonderful when visits overlap!

Up next? More drinks. This time at Tattersall – it’s a really cool distillery that’s in a warehouse. The first time Grant and I went, it was winter and pouring – we drove around the block about 5 times before finding it! It’s becoming out new favorite cocktail place – we each got something different. We collectively agreed that the drink I ordered was the best one of the four we tried. We also sampled a few goodies from the Smoking Cow food truck parked out front – roasted carrots with a garlic dipping sauce and fried cheese curds with a raspberry jam.

We’ve been on the hunt for good Mexican food since we moved. Nothing has lived up to Local Taco UNTIL we stumbled across Hola Arepa! In June, their food truck was at a black party we attended, and we decided to try out their restaurant. HOLY MOLY. So good. So casual. So chill. So perfect. This has become our MN version of Loval Taco. We had more drinks here (are you getting the gist of our weekend yet?) – I picked the Aviso because it had prosecco in it. Anything with bubbled and I’m all in. We had chips and salsas, tried the sweet and spicy hot Cheetos, arepas, salads, goat cheese fritters, and yucca fries. YUM

I’ve been really missing my dad’s cooking, so I knew we’d have dinner at home on Saturday (and Sunday) night. Good decision all around! Everything we had was insanely delicious and we still have leftovers in our freezer 🙂 The St. Paul Farmer’s Market inspired our dinner for both nights – so much fresh basil, beautiful carrots and beans, the cutest little potatoes, and gorgeous flowers.

Family Farmer's Market Fun Family Farmer’s Market Fun

Family Farmer's Market Fun

Besides good food, yummy cocktails, and great conversation, it was so nice to have the time together. It’s been really hard living so far away – these monthly visits are always fun to look forward to and the memories we make from them are priceless.


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