September 2016 in Review
October 2, 2016
Thanksgiving Menu 2016
November 15, 2016

October 2016 in Review

I know I’ve said we’ve had crazy months before, but NOTHING lives up to the past month (and upcoming month) of exciting adventures, travels, and opportunities!

In short: 8 flights, 5 cities, 3 weekends away, and so many happy memories.

October brought the most gorgeous fall colors I have ever seen. Like, “stop in your tracks and just stare” gorgeous. The sky in Minnesota is SO blue and when combined with the bright colors – it’s made for more picture perfect days than I can count. I’ll try to remember this when we have 293843 feet of snow and it’s colder than cold!

Home! Home!

Our month started with a visit to see my parents in Phoenix and install closets. Lots and lots of Elfa closets. But now they are super organized and we earned our keep 🙂 And their home almost feels like our home and it’s a win win all around. I’ll jump at any chance to see them! While we were there, we ate at a few standbys given that we were basically working 24/7 (but of course made time for fun, too!). A few favorites in the PHX area: ChopShop – everything is fresh, delicious, and quick – perfect for busy weekends. LGO – it’s becoming our tradition to have wine, pizza, and salad here as soon as G and I arrive into town. I’m not complaining! They’re known for their pizzas, but Grant always gets a burger. What makes them so good is that they’re on gigantic English muffins.

Adding our names before the tile wall is finished
LGO dinner!

The following weekend, I was in NYC with Sally and Stephanie. You can read more about our adventures here. It was a 24 hour whirlwind trip full of sunshine, sugar, and sprinkles! My kind of trip!! And the best news is, we’ll definitely be going back for part 2 simply because part 1 was AWESOME. I don’t have a favorite because they were all so good and so different! AND I saw my mom and dad!!

Half pound cookies from City Cakes Half pound cookies from City Cakes

Apple pie at ABC Kitchen
The 3 Musketeers back in action!

The 3 Musketeers back in action!

Levain Bakery

I was in Phoenix again last week for another 24 hour trip. It’s quickly becoming home! I can’t wait for my next visit to see all of the progress – and to stay longer than a day. They are moving the last of their stuff over as I write this, and I know this will quickly become the foundation for many happy family memories.

Home sweet desert

Yesterday, we were in Atlanta for the Packers vs. Falcons game. WHAT A GAME! Did you watch it?? We got sideline passes and I was thisclose to Aaron Rodgers (!!!). I kept telling Grant that this was my favorite date we’ve EVER been on. It was heaven for both of us which made it even better! I think it’s going to be our new Williams family tradition.

In between adventures, we booked our big 2017 trip – ICELAND! more to come on that next year. I took a handlettering class at Paper Source, we celebrated Sweetest Day, I read Grace Not Perfection in one sitting (go get yourself a copy!), and finished another great read – The Invention of Wings. All of this plane time and there’s not much to do but read, so I’m making the most of it! I’m in the progress of printing all of our engagement, wedding, and honeymoon photos, so it’s been really fun reminiscing on our journey so far! We also had our sweet friend Natalie take some photos, explored our neighborhood, and started #FamilyForwardFridays – all G’s doing! We share a bottle of wine, snacks, and sit outside by the fire. We use this time to catch up on our weeks considering we don’t see each other during them, and focus on what we can do to put our family first in the week ahead. If you’re interested, I’ll share more about how we make our almost “long distance marriage” work in another post.

Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day!

Iceland planning begins
Apple cider on chilly nights

So tonight, I am going to put on jammies, watch football, and go to bed at about 8pm and I am WIPED OUT. Have to rally for a fun November! And besides, I really really don’t like Halloween.  Up next – a bachelorette weekend in Nashville with my favorite girls, a trip to Chicago for the America’s Baking and Sweets Show with Sally, Thanksgiving in Minnesota, and a bunch of other things I’m really excited to share but can’t just yet.

Tell me! What was your favorite part of October?

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