Thanksgiving Menu 2016

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Thanksgiving Menu 2016

Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK! It’s my favorite holiday and I am thrilled to be spending it with my little family. My parents are flying in from Phoenix on Wednesday and we’ll spend Thanksgiving Day here in Minnesota, just the 4 of us… #3musketeersplusG We usually go to Cedarburg for Thanksgiving, but we are mixing it up this year – it will be nice to have quality time together and delicious eats! Friday, we’ll head to my grandparents’ house in northern Wisconsin and spend the day with my not-so-little little cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents. Should be a relaxing and really fun filled family weekend!

All of this means that Grant and I are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever! Even though it’s just the four of us, I want it to be a really special day and celebrate all that we have to be thankful for. While it’s my first time hosting, I’m so used to helping my parents prep for Thanksgiving that I kind of think I’ve already done it before 🙂 My dad LOVES to cook, so I’ll try to have everything prepared, but let him do the fun parts! I’m simply grateful that they are choosing to spend the weekend with us!

I’ll be using the time between now and Wednesday to grocery shop (my favorite) and get everything all set to go. The mess of blue papers below is my first draft of a grocery list. I use 1 piece of paper per recipe, write out all of the ingredients, and then will eventually compile each individual list into a master list. Some of you might think I’m crazy, but I truly enjoy the process and this (hopefully) guarantees I don’t forget anything!

So, what’s on our menu? We’re sticking to “traditional” Thanksgiving eats, but changing it up a little to include our favorite renditions of the classic foods, all while keeping it simple.

Breakfast: Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal + fresh berries + Greek yogurt

Lunch: Minestrone Soup (I made a variation of this recipe but of course forgot to write it down, so I hope I can remember what I did!) – I’ll add a few diced potatoes to the soup and make a side of noodles in case anyone wants to add them

Happy Hour: Cocktails, nuts, olives, pickles, hummus, veggies, etc. – just a pretty plate full of healthy eats while we prep!

Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Salad: our family favorite – spinach, dried cherries, sliced granny smith apple, candied pecans (dad will make these – they’re super spicy!), goat cheese, spinach, and dad’s famous lemon dressing
  • Cornbread: my (and G’s) favorite recipe, hands down! I make a few substitutions to this recipe when making it.
  • Roasted Root Vegetables: sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, onions, and carrots baked with olive oil, S+P, and fresh rosemary
  • Turkey: I think my dad will likely make up the recipe as he goes for the turkey – we’ll get a few turkey breasts because we definitely don’t need a whole bird!
  • Pumpkin Pie: Grant’s FAVORITE! Me? I’m not a fan – I think it’s a texture thing. But I’ll take any reason to bake something, so we’re going to make Sally’s pie recipe. I know it will be amazing!
  • Apple Galette: another one of my dad’s “recipes” made up on the fly. We’ll make a standard crust, use a berry or cherry jam on the base, and a variety of apples plus lots of cinnamon!

On Friday, my grandma is putting together a taco bar that we’ll enjoy after we chop down a few Christmas trees! I offered to bring…. dessert of course! I’ll be making brownies (recipe TBD – do you have a favorite?) and a healthy cookie dough dip served with vanilla wafers and sliced apples. We’ll also bring homemade margarita fixings and a few other snacks.

So tell me, what are you making for Thanksgiving? Any favorite recipes? Weird food traditions?!


A few favorite photos from Thanksgiving 2015 🙂

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