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December 30, 2016
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January 5, 2017

2017 Goals

Happy 2017! Is it okay to make goals on January 3? It’s fine, right? I’ve never made goals for the upcoming year before. I mean, I guess I’ve thought about what I’d like to accomplish, but I’ve never really written them down anywhere. Especially not for the whole world to see. But you know what? 2017 is going to be different – the year I let myself be me without caring what other people think or comparing my goals to someone else’s. That’s just not fair and life is too short!

For Grant and I, the upcoming year already holds a TON of change. After just 6 months of living in Minnesota, we found out we’d be moving again… to Chicago. In JANUARY. I also quit my day job and started contracting work full time. Who am I kidding? It’s like 24/7 time. It NEVER stops. And I’m my own boss and I don’t really give myself a break. Or vacation. We’ll both keep traveling a ton, so we’ll need to implement even more systems to keep our life together and feel like we’re actually married because I basically never see my husband. It’s all calendar invites and texting in between conference calls and random weekend trips together and making the most of our 5am coffee date before diving into work for the day but ’tis the time of our lives!

So here are my 17 goals for 2017 in no particular order:

  1. Figure out what work-life balance means and find ways to make it happen.
  2. Unplug from technology as much as possible (this might not be possible given my work revolves around social media and tech but I’m going to try!).
  3.  Make myself a priority – take care of my skin (#nowrinkles), lose 15 pounds, find a workout routine I truly love, focus on eating whole foods, and take time to reflect each week.
  4. Encourage others whenever possible.
  5. Continue writing in our One Line A Day book each night. It’s so fun to look back and see what we were up to on that same day 3 years ago!
  6. Take every opportunity for adventure that comes my way. So much of my life until last year was planned out to a T – and then I started just going with the flow and amazing things happened.
  7. Truly plan out our Iceland trip – make an itinerary and choose 1 “must do” per day with lots of time for just exploring together.
  8. Host a housewarming party.
  9. Reach a personal income goal – #workhardplayhard right?
  10. Support Grant in his new role and grow together in our marriage even more.
  11. Start a college fund for our future child(ren).
  12. Cook “adult” meals and start experimenting in our new kitchen! Grant says no more cereal for dinner 😉
  13. Start volunteering together as a couple.
  14. Make Chicago feel like home – settle into our new place, build a community, and take it all in.
  15. Clear out my closet and start a capsule wardrobe of some sort.
  16. Try a 30 day challenge. Gratitude? No alcohol? No sugar? Who knows.
  17. Celebrate every single day! Sprinkles optional.

Ambitious, yes, but I hope very attainable! What are your resolutions/goals for the year?! How can I cheer you on?



  1. Sarah Laurence says:

    Amazing – you can do it! I’m such a broken record, but if you can break some of them down into daily habits it’s so much easier!

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