Happenings 1.15.17
January 16, 2017
January 2017 in Review
January 29, 2017

Happenings 1.23.17

Moving Monday! The much-anticipated day is actually here!! It’s been almost exactly two months since Grant signed the papers for his new job. So, we’ve had 8 weeks to wrap our heads around the fact that we are uprooting. AGAIN. I think we should be in Chicago for a little bit longer… I hope!

Our movers arrived this morning and already have much of our little place packed up. They’ll load up the truck tomorrow and then we wait – our stuff could arrive as soon as Thursday or as late as February 2. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for sooner than later! My mom comes January 31 to help us out for an entire week! I’ve learned a lot over our past 2 moves – as planned and organized as I like to be, sometimes it’s best to just let the experts come in and do their jobs 🙂 So I’m working from the remains of my office today while they pack away. And I’m not even stressed… okay maybe a little.

How was your weekend?

In between organizing and planning for the move, the past week was pretty good!

  • I baked a lot. Stress baking at it’s finest! I made banana bread (minus the glaze), cookies (plus sprinkles!!), roasted veggies, and a quinoa salad.
  • We donated about 10 bags of stuff – it feels good to get rid of things and simplify our stuff. Especially before a big move!
  • I celebrated my friend Natalie’s birthday at Tilia. I could live on french fries and wine. And cookies too.
  • We had our last date night at Whole Foods. It’s been so wonderful living above our favorite grocery store – we’ll have to take the train (or walk) to the one in our new neighborhood so it will be an adjustment!
  • I think stress got to me at the end of last week – I took it easy Thursday and Friday. It’s also hard to do ALL the things by myself with Grant gone almost every week. Giving myself lots of grace, or trying to at least.
  • Did you see my new series? Workout Wednesday on the blog!
  • I had a delicious roasted vegetable pizza at Birchwood Cafe. SO GOOD y’all.
  • We watched the Packers/Falcons game yesterday. AWFUL. They didn’t even deserve to play in the Superbowl after a performance like that. The good news is one of our teams made it so we’ll still have someone to cheer for!

Have a great week!!


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