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March 8, 2017
March 2017 in Review
April 5, 2017

Happy 27 G!

Happy 27th Birthday, Grant!

Today, you are 27. You’ve done more in your 27 years than most people accomplish in their lifetime. The past year has been a trying one – you know more than anyone how hard it’s been. It was filled with challenge, stress, tears, big and hard decisions, change, moving (twice!!), three job transfers for you, and so much more. But you know what? It was also AMAZING. We traveled, explored, deepened our relationship, made lasting friendships, became 100% debt free, and conquered every single thing life threw our way. We have much to be proud of!

So today, I celebrate YOU.┬áTo others, you’re a son, uncle, grandson, nephew, in-law, cousin, brother,┬ámentor, VP, friend, role model, manager… and so much more. But to me, you are the love and light of my life, my best friend, and most importantly, my husband. You are the MOST amazing person I know and I am grateful each and every day that you chose me. Happy Birthday, G. I love you!

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