Our Home for the Holidays

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November 26, 2017
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Our Home for the Holidays

Hey, y’all! How was your weekend? Did you do lots of Christmas-y things where you live? We did… all while enjoying the almost 60 degree weather in December. WHAT!

We also decked the halls – preparing our home for the holiday will always be one of my favorite things to do. It brings back such happy memories of decorating with my mom and helping my dad chop down the tree every year. I was a little nervous/anxious going into this holiday season because we don’t have much space. I don’t want our home to ever feel too “full” or crammed with stuff, so we used that mindset while carefully choosing our favorite Christmas pieces to have out in our home. Someday, we’ll have a big tree and pull out all 27 years of ornaments, but for now, they’ll stay in the basement carefully wrapped up. I’m really happy with how it turned out – I feel like it’s a great representation of both of our styles (Grant is a super minimalist while I like things a little more traditional).

My favorite Christmas thing in our home? Our teeny, tiny little tree (pictured above)! We got it from our neighborhood Whole Foods – we actually had the same one last year. I think it’s a spruce tree that you could plant once you’re done using it for the holiday, so we’ll see what we decide to do.

We have plenty of counter space in our kitchen, but I don’t like clutter on the countertops – even decorated for Christmas it’s a little too much! But, it’s festive 🙂 I decided to display our Christmas cards on the side of the island – we see it from every angle in our family room. I also used previous Christmas cards (we’re talking from the 1990s) and framed childhood Christmas photos (below) as decorations. They’re so fun to look at – and to see how much style has changed! Seasonal dish towels add a fun pop of color to the oven and dishwasher. When I took these photos, I had just taken the last batch of cookies out of the oven! Recipe for those coming soon.

Yes, I made this frame when I was about 4. It was my gift to each family member that year! I LOVED sequins and hot glue 🙂

I glittered these pinecones (below) when we lived in Nashville. Some have glitter and others have gold ribbon woven throughout. I put them in a glass bowl on a red sparkly charger with festive napkins! The perfect little centerpiece for our dining room table.

I tried to keep things pretty simple in our family room, too! It’s basically a continuation of our kitchen, so I wanted it to feel cohesive throughout.

Here’s a close up of some of the details! One of my favorite traditions is to keep all of the Christmas cards we receive each year. I put them all in a pile with ours on top from that year and tie them up with a ribbon! They’re fun to look through and also add a little color to the coffee table.

I hung our stockings on the dresser and displayed a holiday print, star, and photo on top!

What I really love is that we used what we already had – we didn’t buy a single thing (other than the living tree) for this year’s decorations. In today’s world of more, more, more, it’s nice to reuse, repurpose, and feel content with what we have. Do I miss shopping for our home? Absolutely. But, we are out of room and I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all!

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our holiday home! Have you decorated yet? What’s your favorite Christmas decoration in your home?


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