Monthly Organization: January
January 3, 2018
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February 16, 2018

Monthly Organization: February

Welcome, February! We’re ready for you. January didn’t go anything like I imagined… so I have zero expectations for the month ahead. All I want is more time with friends and family, adventure, and delicious eats!

How did you like January’s organization post? It definitely helped me get a lot done – and I hope you’re starting the year feeling organized, too! I’m excited to share my organization plan for February. It’s definitely not as lengthy 🙂 You’ll notice a few of the same tasks (which will always repeat – are you noticing a trend?) as well as items for many areas of your life. I want to be continuously focusing on multiple areas of life, not just one.

Monthly Organization: FEBRUARY

  1. Upload all of your January photos to your computer/backup drive/cloud – whatever system you use to house your photos, and add January’s to this space.
  2. Plan for any March birthdays, holidays, etc. Buy cards and/or gifts, wrap, package, stamp, and place a post-it on each with the date it needs to be in the mail.
  3. Did you create a budget last month? How is it going? Assess your current financial situation and adjust as needed.
  4. Take inventory of your sheets and towels. Are they in good condition or do they need replacing? If they need replacing, shop smart – many stores offer winter white or bedding sales.
  5. Easter is April 1 this year. So, not next month but basically next month. What are your plans? Are you traveling? Make arrangements before prices increase!
  6. Choose one weekend day and clean your kitchen. I don’t just mean clean the surfaces, cabinet doors, backsplash, etc. I mean CLEAN IT OUT. You don’t need 5 strainers and you most definitely don’t need those 12 spatulas sitting in the drawer when you know you have a favorite that you always use. Burn a yummy smelling candle, crank up the toons, and make it enjoyable! Maybe pickup lunch from your favorite spot for a midday break. Reorganize if needed. You’ll feel so proud when your hard work is done.
  7. Think about grown up stuff like life insurance, wills, POAs, etc. I realize these things are not fun to talk about. Do you need to make any adjustments or additions? We just purchased life insurance – it was eye opening to see that we spend more on car insurance than protecting ourselves. It was eye opening to say the least.
  8. Add something fun to your calendar this month. Something that you’ll look forward to and will make you step outside of your comfort zone. Personally… I’m going to look for a cake decorating class!
  9. As always, think about self care and what it means to you. How will you fit in time for the commitment of taking care of yourself?

Which of these things will be easiest for you? Most difficult? I’d love to hear what’s on your list for February!


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