Monthly Organization: February
February 1, 2018

My Day in the Life

Today we’re diving into a new series that I’m really excited about! If you’re anything like me, you wonder what other people do during the day – from their jobs to favorite meals, home life to workouts, and everything in between. A day in the life snapshot, if you will. I’m going to kick it off with what a typical (is there any such thing) day looks like for me, and I’ll be continuing this series with other inspiring women in my life! I’m constantly wondering how does she do it all? The secret, usually, is that she doesn’t. I’m learning that time management is crucial to daily success, along with a set schedule/routine, and a few other aspects to consider. My goal with this series is to share a glimpse into my day-to-day and introduce you to people who I find inspiring.

Like I mentioned above, I don’t really have a “typical” day – every day looks a little bit different for me depending on a variety of things – if I’m traveling, if I’m on site for the week, if Grant’s home, and more. And, when the weather is nicer I always try to spend at least an hour outside – usually a walk after dinner!

Here we go – my day in review yesterday!

Morning routine!

  • 5:30am Wakeup and get ready for my morning. Grant gets me up because I would hit snooze 10 times if I could.
  • 5:35am Drink 40 ounces of water and do something non-tech related. I chose coloring on this particular morning. This allows time to wake up and be present without immediately diving into emails, social media, etc. I love this time because it’s MY time.
  • 6:00am Make a cup of coffee and look ahead to the day – figure out what I’m doing when in my planner. From there, I move onto a more “complicated” project – something that uses a little more brain power. Today I chose to fill out my happiness journal and finally start my 2018 goal planner. Other things I do during this time: read, write, bake, or talk to Grant. I try to limit social media and connectedness during this time because a) it’s still early and b) it’s still my time to focus on me.
  • 7:00am Get started with work for the day! I always have Today on in the background and love sitting in my cozy office corner. I have several time-sensitive tasks that require me to work first thing in the morning, which is why I work first, and then…
  • At some point in the morning I workout – I go to OrangeTheory Fitness (but may be changing this up soon!). Finding time to be active during the day is highly important to me and I always schedule time for this before anything else. Even if I really don’t want to go and have a mile-long list, I always feel better when I’m done!
  • When I get home from the gym, I get ready for the day. Even though I work from home, often in “loungewear,” I still do my hair, a tiny bit of makeup, and pick out my outfit. This helps with productivity and making me feel like I’m getting ready for the office, even if the office is my house.
  • 10:45am Breakfast – I always eat after I workout. I just can’t eat before. Usually oatmeal with a huge scoop of peanut butter and Greek yogurt.
  • 10:45am Back to work! Because I’ve already worked a little bit, checked in, etc., I feel much more centered and like I’m not going to forget about something. I use this time to plan ahead and really dive into long-term projects.
  • 2:00pm Meet a friend to work at Midtown Athletic Club (photo below) for the afternoon and have a small snack. I try to work from somewhere else at least 2 days of the week – it helps with productivity and my mood!
  • 5:30pm Head home. Grant is home today so we will have dinner together.
  • 5:45pm Go through the mail, figure out what’s for dinner, finance update, and other “life” responsibilities.
  • 6:20pm Dinner – leftover cauliflower crust pizza + scrambled eggs.
  • 6:45pm Check in with work.
  • 7:00pm Watch something (this week it’s the Olympics!) and chill. We are true homebodies and because I get up early, I like to go to bed early. I also use this time for miscellaneous things (think cookie orders, my massive photo organization project, travel planning, etc.). Tonight I worked on organizing photos from 1992 and 1993 – I look the exact SAME in both years so we tried to match my outfits in photos and go from there. Ha!
  • 7:30pm Sometime while we’re on the couch watching TV I have dessert – I have Nada Moo ice cream with a brownie tonight 🙂
  • 9:30pm Layout my gym clothes for tomorrow and go to bed. Repeat tomorrow!

Who would YOU like to learn more about?

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