About Hilari

Hi y’all! I’m Hilari.


I love. I celebrate. I eat.

I live in Chicago with my amazing husband, Grant. We met at Vanderbilt, and along the way, fell in love with adventuring and living a joyful life together. No matter where we live, my small-town Wisconsin roots will always travel with me.

Fall is my favorite. So is laughter. I countdown to the start of football season. I love my freckles. Sunday Night Dinners keep me grounded. Gooey chocolate-y brownies and a glass of red wine are key to a good life. I take too many pictures. I love Grant with my whole heart. I don’t like high heels and live in lululemon. I am always up for an adventure. I am type A and my family calls me particular. There’s a story there… you should ask Grant. Lists keep me sane. I add things I’ve already done and cross them out to feel like I’ve done more in my day. (You know you’ve done it, too!) I’m an earlybird. I love to love and share my passions with others.

When not adventuring or eating, I wear many hats over at Hilari Williams Co.

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Let’s collaborate!

I love working with likeminded brands focused on all things food, fitness, and fun! If you are interested in working together, please email me at hilari.s.williams@gmail.com.

Photos thanks to Natalie Boike Photography.